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Here are some the answers to frequently asked questions by people interested in getting involved in affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?
Why You Should Become An Affiliate Marketer?
How Do I get Started With Affiliate Marketing?
How Much Money Can I Really Make As An Affiliate Marketer?
Where Is The Best Places To Learn How To Be A Good Affiliate Marketer?
What Are Some Of The Tools I Would Need As An Affiliate Marketer?

What is Affiliate Marketing

The basic idea behind affiliate programs is that when you become an affiliate (also called a referrer, reseller or associate), a partnership is created with the merchant – the owner of a product or provider of a service. Once you as an affiliate refer a customer to the merchant and the customer makes a purchase, you get a percentage of the sale (a commission).
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Why You Should Become An Affiliate Marketer

Simple... Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest way to use the internet to supplement your current income or replace it entirely (Yes, that is very possible). Becoming an affiliate marketer gives you the following benefits:

  • You don’t have to purchase anything
  • You don’t have any inventory
  • You don’t have to have a business license
  • You don’t have to ship anything
  • You don’t have to handle credit card transactions
  • You don’t have to handle refunds, returns, queries, inquires, etc
  • You don't require any employees
  • Your business runs 24/7

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How Do I get Started With Affiliate Marketing

The beginning of the process is education and there are several

Step #1: Educate yourself. This is the key, opening the door of opportunity. It's also the common thread connecting successful affiliate marketers. Education lays the foundation - the building blocks to success. Start by gathering the best information you can find about affiliate marketing and absorbing it.

Step #2: Turn that information into usable knowledge. Even the best information remains kind of worthless, however, until after you discover how to use it - how to make it serve your purpose.

Step #3: Start applying the knowledge ... take action ...start building your affiliate business. Will you make mistakes, even though you have invested all that time educating yourself? Yes, you most likely will make mistakes.

Step #4: Test and tweak, test and tweak. This one never ends. And it's often the dividing line between succeeding and failing. Attention to small details often returns big rewards.
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How Much Money Can Really I Make As An Affiliate Marketer?

This is really up to you. There are real people who make millions every year from affiliate marketing.
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Where Is The Best Places To Learn How To Be A Good Affiliate Marketer

Check out the Learn Affiliate Marketing page for the recommended training.
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What Are Some Of The Tools I Would Need As An Affiliate Marketer? 

Check out the Affiliate Marketing Tools & Resources page for my recommendations.
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